Gluten Free Sushi Rice

Most sushi sold in supermarkets and restaurants contain gluten. Sushi that contains crab sticks, tempura, or anything made with soy sauce or marinade is not gluten free. Our gluten free sushi doesn't contain any soy sauce, crab sticks or batter that contains wheat flour. You can use our sushi rice to make 100% gluten free sushi.

Clean Label and low in Fat · Salt · Sugar

Freezing is a very efficient method to preserve food. All our products are frozen to minimize the use of preservatives. We use minimal natural preservatives such as salt and sugar to preserve our sushi and maintain it's freshness, flavour and texture. All our products are low in fat, salt and sugar and free from artificial preservatives.

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We supply commercial kitchens with frozen, precooked sushi rice. We offer all our clients free training to use their own ingredients to make fresh sushi. We offer all our clients product design and marketing materials to suit their needs.

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It doesn't require experience to make your sushi look good and taste good.

You can use everything in your fridge to make vegan sushi, gluten free sushi, meaty sushi to impress your family, friends, guests and customers. Please visit our Instagram to get more interesting ideas.